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Chantal Kraemers

Chantal Kraemers

January 1, 1970

Cover Letter

Dear Mr. or Ms.,

my name is Chantal Krämers and I am a 2nd semester International Wine Business student at IMC Krems in Austria. Originally I come from a German city called Mainz where I grew up surrounded by vineyards. As wine is my passion i strive for making it my job as well.
I got two different time spots to do a 22 week mandatory internship in a wine related business either starting from July 1st 2018 or June 1st 2019.

Although we don’t produce them here I am especially a big fan of rich and full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. That’s exactly the reason why I am keen to spent some time abroad and taste them all! Along my way to Austria I already studied Wine Business for some time at Hochschule Geisenheim in Germany and worked for an online wine retailer called Geile Weine as part of the wine board. Furthermore I worked for a wine shop in b2c retail and planned and executed events with my boss. For now I don’t have a lot of experience in producing wine but in wine-marketing and sales. I want to take my internship as a chance to dig deeper into the world of winemaking as well as strengthen my knowledge.
The subjects I am most interested in are the more business related topics like (online) marketing, e-commerce, sales, import and export. But i could also see myself working in a more scientific field helping with wine processing and blending/tasting.

Naturally I am open to answer any further questions.
Thank you for your attention!

Chantal Krämers

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