Internships in Bordeaux

Kaloti Nazare

Kaloti Nazare

January 1, 1970

Cover Letter

Dear sir/madam

I am currently seeking an internship between end February – June. I will have to write my Master’s thesis about the experience and research that I have gained/made doing the internship. I am also open to staying longer after June. I currently live in Porto however I am willing to relocate within Europe. I have already lived in Germany, Spain, France and now Portugal, therefore I am open to relocating. I am also open to relocating outside of Europe however I would have to consider my visa (I am from South Africa). I am looking for an internship that will allow me to use my creativity, assist with events/conferences, gain valuable information for my future in the wine industry etc. Should you have an internship available please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your time
Kind regards
Kaloti Nazare

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