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Pratik Gaikwad

Pratik Gaikwad


November 6, 2019

Cover Letter

Motivation letter
Applicant: Pratik Chandrakant Gaikwad (Nationality – Indian Age – 29 years old)
6 Alle roquetaillade, Gradignan, 33170 | +33 767116301 | [email protected]
Recruitment Manager

Subject: Application for Internship.
I am applying for 6 months internship to work as an Intern at. I am 2.5 years experienced sales and marketing professional pursuing Masters in Wine and Spirits Management from Kedge Business School, Bordeaux, France; backed by background in Food Safety and Control through masters from London South Bank University, London and a technical experience of Research Assistant and Export Assistant and BDN& CO, I would prove a right fit for this opportunity. Considering the vast scope of learning and professional progression at your esteemed organization I am curious to work with your company.
Right from learning the art of wine production during my bachelor’s in microbiology in India to studying different wine preservation techniques during master’s followed by two and half years of tenure as a Market Research Analyst, I enhanced my expertise in the domain of Food and Beverages, Spirits, Information Technology and Communication Services. I was involved in Sales and advice by gathering data about consumers, competitors and marketing conditions for primary research mainly focusing business-to-business environment. After being promoted as a Data Analyst, I used Confirmit data intelligence software to evaluate statistical data and establish the relationship between the obtained results concerning client expectation and consulted actionable recommendation to value and benefits the clients and thereby generating revenue worth 200,000 USD. This also involved developing, maintaining and recording professional relationships as per project requirement. Handling Market Research and Sales operations for international client imbibed a professional skillset to build a systematic approach of executing day-to-day tasks in line with the company’s code of ethics. Interactions with stakeholders from different functions helped me in learning the best business practices for working upstream. Leading projects autonomously as well as being agile to work in coordination with cross-functional teams has always been a key to my progress so far. In Master’s Thesis, while many studies have investigated the current role of Social media in the Wine industry and its benefits, I have not come across a paper that deals with Social media challenges in small wineries in France. I conducted quantitative research and came up with different points as key challenges highlighted by small wineries in France. My experience on the fields shows that small structures (wineries or merchants) not only don’t have a social media strategy but either a lack of defined objectives to use them.
My mobility in 3 diverse countries allowed me to work with people from a multi-cultural background. This rendered me to be an excellent team leader and a member who showed eagerness to learn and share knowledge outcomes I believe that my background, professional skills and experience in BDN&CO shall contribute in benefitting the current goal of the company for export-import; which ultimately makes me a good fit for the position at your Winery.
I would highly appreciate an opportunity for an interview for elaborating/ sharing my goals and interests in pursuing/working as a Business Development BtoB Key Accounts Intern. This opportunity to be can a game-changer in my life, as it will equip me with the most relevant business, technical and management skills; which will further shape me into a successful wine industry professional.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.
Pratik Gaikwad
Masters student
Wine and Spirits Management
Kedge Business School
680 Course of the Liberation, 33405 Talence.
Pratik Gaikwad

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